Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Picture Practice - Closeups

Day 8 - Closeups

Close-up photography is getting as close as you can to your subject to get a clear pictures without any external lenses, attachments or apps. This is different than Macro mode, because for most phones, the magic distance is 3-4 inches from the subject. In many cases, this is close enough to get enough remarkable detail to be very interesting, but it is not close enough to be considered Macro Mode. Of course, the closer you get, the more important it is to nail your focus and once again having a clean lens is essential!
If you have been shooting with a DSLR, you have probably been used to zooming in to get close, but beware of using the zoom feature of your phone's camera. The zoom on a phone is a digital zoom, which means there are no moving parts and is nothing more than "cropping in" on your shot. When you "digitally zoom" onto a subject, your phone produces a low-resolution, compressed image, decreasing the quality of your photo significantly. 

If you are interested in an app that allows you to shoot in macro mode, try the Camera+ app.  I will talk more about this app in a later prompt, but it is available through both iTunes and Google Play. I can't speak for the other version since I have never used it, but the iPhone app is awesome!!! I use it frequently!!

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