Thursday, March 16, 2017

Picture Practice - Angle - From Above

Day 16 - Angle - From Above

Just as shooting from a below a subject can exaggerate its size, the converse is also true. Shooting from above a subject can emphasize its smallness.

Shooting from a very high angle can even provide a "bird's eye view", such as from the top of a building or an airplane window.

Below, you'll find two photos to compare. The first was taken on a pier with the two boys playing for the first time with remote control cars they received for Christmas. It was sweet to see them side by side and you can see at least one of the cars in the nearby dirt.

I moved the boys a little further down the pier so that the railings were not in the way and then took the following photo from above. I think it is much more interesting and while you can't see the cars in this image, you can see the remote controls, so you know what they are doing.
One other technique for shooting from above is to use the "flat lay" technique. You see this in many Instagram photos these days and can it can be very pleasing and effective in your feed. These overhead shots usually use a clean background a items arranged creatively in the square.  For more tips on perfecting this type of shot, check out this link.

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