Saturday, March 18, 2017

Picture Practice - Landscape

Day 18 - Landscape

Have you ever seen an amazing view and been so anxious to capture it with your camera, only to discover that it looks terrible in the actual photo?  I have! As with so many of the techniques we've discussed, sometimes, I get in such a hurry to take the photo, that I forget to take the time to make it great.  Here are a couple of tips to take better landscape photos:

* Focus on the foreground. When we view things with the naked eye, foreground objects don't have much significance. However, in a photo, they help to convey scale and depth and are important in making the image more interesting.
In this photo, including the foreground trees adds depth to the photo.

* Diagonal lines. Pay attention to the composition of your photo and when possible, include diagonal lines. This can be accomplished by using leading lines that cross your photo diagonally or by balancing the most important parts of your photo diagonally--for example, positioning the two most important subjects in diagonal parts of the frame.
*  Try to keep the horizon level. You can do this easily by lining it up in your viewfinder with one of the grid lines, or do it after shooting by adjusting the rotation (you can do this in Instagram) and then cropping it.

Below, the road forms diagonal leading lines as do the trees.
Can you spot the diagonal lines in the next two photos?
Last but not least, remember that you don't have to travel to exotic places to capture a great landscape photo. By keeping your eyes peeled, you can probably find a scene just minutes from your front door. 

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