Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Picture Practice - Skyline

Day 28 - Skyline

When I hear the word skyline, I typically think of an image showing the various buildings that make up a city. Some skylines are jagged and coarse, while others are rather faint and smooth. We are all able to recognize the skylines of famous cities such as New York City or Paris, France simply by the shape of their iconic buildings, however, generally speaking, we often take for granted the city that we call home. We don't take time to stop and appreciate the landmarks and sights that make our own home city such a wonderful place to be. A really good city image not only showcases the skyline itself, but also captures something of the essence that makes it unique. Obviously, it is impossible to capture it all in one photograph, but showing one aspect of your city's life can make the photo more interesting to the viewer.
Here are some tips to try and incorporate when shooting a skyline today.

* Find a good vantage point. This may mean moving just outside of the city limits, moving to a higher point or perhaps even crouching down low to hide distractions.
* One of the best times for shooting city skylines is when the sun is just beginning to set, so that there is still some blue in the sky, but the light is not too harsh.
* If you shoot in full light, let the light be behind you so that it lights the buildings well.
* Focus on the corner of a building. Getting good focus will ensure that your image is crisp and clean. This is fairly easy to do with a phone camera since you have a set depth of field.
* Include foreground interest. This is an especially good idea if there is "empty" space in the front since you will be focusing on something in the distance.

* Shoot the skyline as a silhouette.
* Be sure that your buildings and horizons are straight.
The main things that define a city may differ depending on the time of day and even the season. During the morning or on weekends, the city may look calm and peaceful, while it is a bustling with activity during the weekdays. I can't wait to see what makes your community special.

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