Saturday, June 1, 2013

Small Folded Scrapbook

Returning to blogging has me looking through some of my archives to "clean out" drafts that I never completed, etc.  In doing so, I found this post from back in 2008 about a little scrapping project that I led at a Women's Retreat.  Apparently, I never posted it, so here it is.  

We made folded "scrapbooks" that included pockets for special quotes or scriptures. We began with a 12 x 12 sheet of solid colored scrapbook paper and added patterned paper, quotes and various embellishments.
Here's the front, all tied shut with satin ribbon:

And here's the inside on one side. There a removable card in the center pocket and places for photos and/or bookmarks on the right side.

Here is the inside on the opposite side. Again, there is a place for photos on the right (yes, that's me) and you can see the front from this view. We were limited by time, but lots more could have been added to embellish this---ribbons, tags, etc.

And here's the back! )The ribbon is attached under this paper and flower and wraps around to the front to tie) Voila'!

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