Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This weekend will be the wedding of Valine's oldest daughter, Maegan and I am so excited!!! Valine and I have been best of friends ever since college.  We've been there for each other through a lifetime of ups and downs---student teaching, graduation, first jobs, dates, weddings, births of babies, and even deaths.  Though we only get to see each other a couple times a year in person, we talk on the phone, chat through email and know that we can always count on each other to lend an ear, or a shoulder or whatever is needed.

I was there right after Maegan was born---she scared us all by spending a little time in the NICU,

but you could tell from the beginning that she was strong and it wasn't long before we could see how smart she was, too.  Over the years, my girls often spent weekends with Maegan and her little sister, Meredith, while Valine and I enjoyed our time together.

They've played school, played dress-up, fished, played in the mud, locked themselves in a bathroom, cooked (staining Momo's carpet in the process of making colored ice cubes), jumped on trampolines, hunted Easter eggs, shopped and even worn matching dresses.

And now, they're all grown up.  Maegan came to Jana's wedding and both Maegan and Meredith were able to come to Callie's.  Now it's Maegan's turn.   While neither of my girls are going to be able to come (grown-up responsibilities like work get in the way), Ron and I get to be there.  Together with our "Flea Market Friends", I'm helping to host a Bridal Luncheon the day before the wedding.
****Valine, if you want this part to be a surprise, then you need to log off and wait until Friday!  ;-) 

It's been fun to "cyber-plan" the details---fortunately, we all have areas of expertise to lend to the event.  Jana designed beautiful invitations for the luncheon (personal information is covered).

and we have a cake decorator and photographer in the bunch, not to mention someone skilled at floral arranging!  The luncheon will be held at Houmas House Plantation, which is in itself a beautiful location.  I'm in charge of favors for the guests and I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the goodies.

Taking into consideration the beautiful gardens of Houmas House and the fact that both Valine and Maegan love flowers, I decided to make a set of plant markers for each guest.  I purchased plain wooden markers from Amazon, as well as small muslin bags.
I stamped herb names on one side of each marker with a garden design on the back of them, in case someone wanted to use it in a different pot/plant.

After stamping the bags with a pink peony,

I filled the bags with a set of markers and tied on a tag that Jana designed and printed (that coordinates with the invite).

Maegan is getting married in just a few days!!  I'm so glad that I can be part of the celebration!!
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JJB said...

Yay for old pictures and matching dresses!! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but can't wait to see photos!!

Maegan said...

I am just getting a chance to read these posts! I love, love, love everything!

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