Monday, June 10, 2013

Blogging Backwards---(photo heavy post!)i

Since I missed several months of blogging, I'm blogging backwards right now--that is, going back a few weeks (or maybe even months) to catch up on some fun events and photos.  

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Ron and I planned to go camping with his oldest kids and their families.  We made reservations at the Tyler State Park and were all looking forward to a great time out in nature.  But, there was a good news/bad news thing to it--the bad news:  When we double-checked out reservations so that we could send them to the kids, we discovered that there were none in our names.  None at all.  Several phone calls the next day confirmed that indeed the online reservations had been lost and there were no more available campsites---anywhere nearby!   Carmelle found an alternative for us that would be a shorter trip for Terry and Jaylynn, in particular--staying in a hotel in Waco, and enjoying Lake Waco during the daytime.
The good news:  the weather took a nasty turn, so our decision to stay in a hotel was most appreciated Friday night for sure!  

In addition, as the storm clouds gathered the next day, they seemed to magically separate and go around the beach where we were and it kept the temperatures rather pleasant.  

In fact, the overcast skies and strong winds kept things pretty chilly the first day, but we had fun exploring the area and playing in the sand.

Doesn't this piece of driftwood look like an alligator?!?!  Yeah, I thought so, too, when I went wandering down  to the swampy area.

But, Ron did find this---a REAL alligator footprint---fairly fresh, too)

We grilled hot dogs and sausage.

and had S'Mores for dessert.

The kids had found a baby bird in the parking lot of the hotel, so of course, we had some babysitting to do.
That is, until Terry convinced them that that cute little guy could be carrying some diseases. (they took him back and left him at the hotel)

After lunch, we played in the sand.

Late in the day the sun came out and we had fun watching the kids fish (Ron and I didn't have a license for that day).  Guess who caught the first fish?!?!

It wasn't long before Michael had caught one, too, however.

Michael is pretty independent---wanting to bait his own hook.

Hmmmmmm . . .

Pa-Paw enjoyed every minute of being outdoors and with the kids.

When the wind died down a bit, Chad and Terry took the kayaks out---with little passengers aboard.

Of course, anytime I'm outdoors, there is a bit of bird-watching going on and this time was no exception.

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JJB said...

Love it! Looks like y'all had a great time! I love that photo of Ady with her mouth open. :)

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