Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chalkboard Signs

I love the chalkboard signs that dot the internet and blogland.  Jana made the neatest chalkboard for her front porch a few weeks ago---she even made the frame.   I even have a Pinterest board featuring quotes and such to inspire me.
I love this one with the lyrics from the Lumineers:

and this one:
Source: babble.com via Linda on Pinterest
Just before Christmas, I used a can of chalkboard paint that I already had on hand to spray a piece of MDF that was left from another project. I've never wanted the chalk dust INSIDE my house, but outdoors I knew it wouldn't bother me at all, so I drew a 
Christmas wish on it and Ron hung it for me by the front door.

I changed it up around Valentine's Day that was inspired by this one:

and then it fell off of the wall.
And there it sat for a couple of months.  But, last weekend, Ron hung it back up for me, which meant it was time for a new sketch.

 Inspired by the Clickin Moms Instagram challenge #CMGlimpse, I did a tribute to a favorite summertime treat.
Here's my newest chalkboard sketch:

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JJB said...

I'm just reading along in my blog reader when I see my name and my chalkboard... had to scroll back up to see that it was your blog. Proof that it's time for vacation :)

BTW... you might want to check your links, the html looks like its showing up in the body of the post, and I'm guessing that's not what you intended.

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