Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Waco--Part Two

The second day of our trip  to Waco brought much nicer weather.

The temperatures were much warmer and Ron and I had a chance to fish a bit.  In fact, guess who caught the first fish today?!??!  Yep, me!

Guess what Ron's first catch was?

We also were able to get in the water this time.  It was still pretty rough due to the heavy winds, but was kind of refreshing after being in the sun.  We grilled hamburgers and just relaxed and visited.

And of course, we had more S'mores!

Did I mention that it was windy?  Yeah, Wookie knew it for sure!

Jaylynn and Terry recently found out that they are expecting their first baby, so it was fun to hear them talking about and making plans for the baby!  She's such a tiny little thing that of course she's not showing at all yet.   It has been fun being an "instant grandma", but it will also be nice to be one from birth---and they'll be such great parents!  

While fishing that morning, Michael found a little turtle.

They played with him all day long and we found a bowl to take him home.  Unfortunately, a couple days after arriving home, Michael became very ill and had to be rushed to the ER.  He had developed a bad case of salmonella, most likely due to the turtle.  Needless to say, there will be no more little turtles in their household for a while!! (and he's fine now, thankfully)

We headed home late in the afternoon on Sunday since Ron was on call on Memorial Day.  He drove his old Toyota Corolla that Carmelle had been borrowing, while I followed behind in the truck.  Before leaving Waco, he checked the gauges and levels and added oil and transmission fluid since they were low.   However, just a few miles outside of Dallas, he suddenly pulled off on an exit.  When he hopped out and opened the hood, he quickly found the source of the dashboard light and smoke that was escaping.  

He'd forgotten to replace the oil cap.   So we bought more oil and tried to clean things up as best as possible.  I was so glad that it wasn't something more serious. . . .and even MORE glad that it wasn't ME that had done it!!   ;-)

While the weekend was completely different from the way we first planned it, it turned out well.  It was relaxing and we all enjoyed just hanging out.
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