Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Free Saturday

It seems that we have been so busy the last few months.  Free days have been hard to come by, so when we planned to enjoy our freedom this past Saturday!  After checking our calendars several times to be sure we weren't dreaming, we made plans to take the Kayaks out after Ron went for a ride.  While he was gone, I got busy cleaning and re-organizing our bathroom until I realized that I'd left my phone out on the deck.  I went out to retrieve it since I wanted to be sure he could reach me in case of emergency. Unfortunately, that meant also retrieving the text from Rachel asking where we were.   We had been scheduled to work at the food pantry that morning, something that we both really enjoy.  But, for whatever reason, I never put it in my calendar and that was a mistake.    Sorry Rachel!!

Feeling guilty, but knowing there was no way to back up and "do it over", we went ahead with our original plans.  We grabbed one of newest favorite lunches, the Poppyseed salad at Panera's

and then headed out to Bickham Dickson Park with the kayaks.

We lathered up with sunscreen---with Ron clowning around to pretend he's really buff show how buff he really is  :-)

and gathered his fishing tackle,

while I took a few pictures.

Then we set our boats in.  It was great!!!   (and hot)  

I don't have a fishing license yet, so I left that to Ron.

Besides, I'm not sure I could actually land a fish without tipping over, if one were to bite.   I brought my little point-and-shoot with me in a waterproof case, so I enjoyed taking pictures of the lily pads

the water lilies,

the dragon flies

and of course, of Ron.

Ron got a few bites, but nothing to amount to anything---the undergrowth was just too dense.

But we enjoyed paddling around the lake and discovering that it is WAY bigger than we thought.

I wish we had thought to clock the mileage with our phone GPS, but all we know is that by the time we got back to shore, our shoulders and backs were tired and sore!  

Amazingly, I'm not that sore today.  The only thing that really bothers me is my wrist---it's a little swollen and achy, but otherwise good.  So glad we went----needed to get a head start on using these things before Tyler gets here!

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