Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peachy Keen Weekend

Saturday, we got up early -- well, early for a Saturday -- and drove over to Ruston for the Louisiana Peach Festival.   Ruston is only about 70 miles away and is a nice, little college town.  In fact, Callie and Jordan lived there a while right after they were married.  And while I've visited several times and even got my master's degree from La Tech, I'd never been to the Peach Festival.

It was hot and really crowded, but a nice way to spend the morning.  There was an antique/vintage car show
craft booths

(how about these dawgs???)

and of course there were peaches.

I brought home a cute little birdhouse, while the boys brought home "bullet" pocketknives.

We had some yummy peach ice cream

and bought a gift box full of giant peaches to share.

And there were rides and such.  Am I the only one that thinks a "sinking Titanic slide" for kids is kind of poor taste?!?!?

Before we left, Tyler rode the gyroscope ride that was down by the railyard.

On the way home, (while Tyler slept in the back seat) I talked Ron into stopping at an exit to let e pick some wildflowers I'd seen on the way over there.  He even helped me pick them! ;-)  I added them to a few sunflowers I picked up at the grocery store for a pretty arrangement.

After a quick clean-up of the house, I started supper.
Ron was grilling steaks, so I fixed smashed red-hots (with rosemary from my herb garden)

grilled squash (tossed in olive oil and light seasoning)

and green beans to the plates.

We got busy eating, so I forgot to take pictures of our completed dinner.  You'll have to take my word

After dinner, we played the card game Revolution.    Even Emmi got into the action at the table.

Maybe she was good luck, because I played better than I ever have keeping the seat of King or Queen most of the night.   All in all, it was a "peachy keen weekend"!

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Burun Estetigi said...

All photos ar very nice.
Burun Eti Ameliyati

JJB said...

Yummy peaches! Yummy potatoes!! Yummy photos!!!

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