Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wedding Weekend- Day Three---The Big Day

Saturday was "the big day".  For the wedding party, I'm sure it was very busy.  But, for Ron and I, it meant we could sleep late and relax a bit.  And we did!

We had a really nice breakfast downstairs at the hotel at the last possible minute before the Bistro closed).

then put on our swimsuits and went out to the pool.

The weather was really nice and we had such a good time just hanging out.

After getting dressed up

we headed to the wedding site to check things out and to be available in case of questions form vendors, etc.  We stopped to get the ice on the way and once we arrived, we were immediately set to work, helping to set things up.  It seems that the florist's representative had a very different idea of how things were supposed to be done the bride or the bride's family --- or even the wedding coordinator, for that matter.  Poor Valine!  I wanted to keep her out of any stress, but we had to bring her into a little of it in order to get things straightened out.  Once I knew exactly what she wanted, Ron and I and a few others set out to be sure that happened.  After all, I was glad to be able to help after all she's done for my girls and for me!

The wedding was beautiful!  We sweated out whether the clouds  would "let loose" during the ceremony, but the weather held out.  The flower girl stole the show as she painstakingly dropped each
flower petal.  

I love this picture of Valine watching Maegan and Kirk walk down the aisle.

I mostly keep my own camera out of the photographer's way, but was able to snap a few pictures here and there.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, my settings got bumped without me realizing it, so some photos are really grainy.
The wedding cake was beautiful

And the groom's cake a hit with my guy!

Of course, whenever there are 2 or more gathered---boys that is---there will be a prank.

Valine with her teacher friends:

and with both families:

The next morning, we were able to meet the LaBorde's at Another Broken Egg for brunch before driving back to Shreveport.

Maegan and Adam are on their honeymoon and Valine and Kirk are off on a cruise now---hope they are relaxing and loving every minute of being together!   What a wonderful weekend---so great to get to share such special moments with my best friend!
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