Monday, June 3, 2013

Backyard Makeover---Part One

You may remember that one of my wishes back in 2012 was to have a fire pit and a pretty area to sit and enjoy it.  Well, for Christmas, Ron gave me a nice fire pit---I really like it.  But, alas, it sat on the deck unused for a month or so.  Until, we started our backyard makeover, that it.  It began in February, with Ron and I digging out grass, leveling the ground a bit and extending the brick pathway beyond the storage building.   When Chad, Carmelle came with the kids for Mardi Gras, we enlisted the help of Chad to begin laying the gravel---it helps to have a young, strong guy to lift those heavy bags, for sure!!

While we worked, Carmelle studied for school and the kids searched for creepy, crawly things.   And of course, Michael found one.

Notice anything unusual about Michael's head????

Look again . . . .

Wookie supervised the gravel operation (while Emmi was jealous because she couldn't jump up there with him).

By the end of the day, it looked like this.

Shortly after that, we were visiting Valine (prior to the New Orleans Marathon) and saw that their neighbor had cut down a tree and was getting rid of the logs.  Thinking they would be perfect for stools around the "stump table", Kirk and Ron rolled them out of the way.

Kirk and Valine brought them to us in April when they came for the wedding.  We didn't really get to work on it again until after the wedding.   In May, the two of us set to work again.
Of course, we had to take a break to cool off and watch birds.

and spiders . . .

And for Ron and Emmi to call the doves (which doves answered).

By the end of that day, things were really shaping up!!

And yesterday, we worked again.   After many trips back and forth to Lowes and WalMart, we almost have things finished.

We'd like to add more gravel to level things out a bit more, but yesterday evening, we enjoyed a fire in the pit.

Well, Ron and I enjoyed the fire---Emmi was less than thrilled about that flaming, crackling thing.  In fact, she was just plain terrified.

Later we rolled the hammock out into the yard for a little star-gazing!  (loving the Night Sky app)

So nice and relaxing (at least for us humans)!
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