Saturday, May 30, 2009

Round Robin: Growing

The theme of this challenge had me thinking about many different images---everything from plants to babies. Since I recently ordered a new camera, I was hoping that it would come in time for the challenge, but now I learn that it has been back ordered. So, with that in mind, I decided to go ahead and shoot a few pictures with my point-and-shoot anyway.

These are the gardenias that are now blooming in my backyard. This particular bush is absolutely filled with aromatic blossoms. In fact, I smelled them as soon as I stepped out the back door.

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Anonymous said...

Love your pics, the contrast of the white on the dark greens and I can almost smell them!

Butch and Angie said...

Nice pictures. The blossoms look so delicate.

Wammy said...

Your gardenias are beautiful. They remind me of our wedding. There is not a better scent in the world. As a matter of fact I have a gardenia candle buring right now. Nice entry. Hope the new camera makes it soon. I'm still dreaming of a new one.

Ourhomeschool said...

I too am dreaming of a new camera!!! ***sigh*** maybe someday.

Great entry. I'd love to be able to smell them! Do you think the internet will eventually allow us to do that??? lol Very nice.

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