Saturday, May 16, 2009

Round Robin: Floating

This month's photo challenge was to capture the word "floating". Last weekend, I arrived home from school just in time to hear the Blue Angels soaring over my house. Again this year, they were rehearsing for the air show at the air force base near my home. I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of shots. Because the planes precede their sound by a bit, it's hard to catch them as they soar overhead. Captured against the clouds, they really look like they might be floating!
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ellen b. said...

Good morning Linda! You got some great shots of the blue angels. I love when the Blue angels come to Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Wow...those shots are hard to capture, well done! Wish I were there to see the rehersal.

Please drop by my blog, I value your comment too.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...
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Carly said...

Hi Linda :)

Great shots of the Blue Angels!


Monica said...

I LOVE watching the Blue Angels - they are my favorite. What a treat to watch the practice. I used to live near Travis Air Force Base in CA and we only had the Thunderbirds come in to that base - and they never impressed me like the Blue Angels. Luckily I could see the BA in SF on a regular basis.

Teena in Toronto said...

I love air shows!

I played too :)

Sandra said...

Very nice capture of the blue angles. I agree they do look like they are floating.
Mine are posted, Have a great week end.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Are you sure you don't live in my neighborhood? ;) I've had the exact same experience, trying to catch the Blue Angels flying over my house. I never managed to capture them nearly as well as your shots. Well done!

Anonymous said...

wow! great shots!!!!

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