Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bulldog Graduation

This afternoon I drove over to Ruston to watch my son-in-law graduate from college. The speaker was our governor, and Jindal's message was good---and short! Seated behind us, was a family with a baby and a toddler (apparently their mom was graduating). I LOVE babies and children, but a graduation is no place for them. Expecting them to be quiet and calm for three hours is more than unreasonable. So, just as would be expected, both children cried through most of the three hours! Fortunately, they took a break for a few minutes about the time that Jordan walked across the stage, so we were able to hear his name called. (By the way, I received my M.A. from this same school about two weeks before Jana was born--I chose not to walk in the ceremony and instead received my diploma by mail.) Next month, they'll be moving 600 miles away so he can enter grad school at Ga. Tech! J & C--If by chance either one of you has a child by the time we go to another graduation, I promise to either get you a babysitter or keep the child myself!!
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debbie said...

Wow, a big day! I love the pics of the happy couple!


JJB said...

oh i remember our child-filled graduation experience. you don't have to worry about any brunken babies at graduations.

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