Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unexpected Turn

This morning, on the way to a conference at one of the schools I assist with, I was involved in a major accident. As I began crossing an intersection, a vehicle ran a stop light and plowed into me, going at a pretty fast speed. The impact caused my car to spin through the intersection (one full turn plus 180 degrees more), stopping only when I hit a pickup truck that was stopped at the intersection. The vehicle that first hit me flipped over and then slid into another small pickup truck before stopping. God is so good and we were all so very lucky. Witnesses jumped out of their cars to assist us and even pulled the lady from her overturned car. While two people were transported to the hospital, no one appeared to have serious injuries. Beside bruises and soreness from the airbag and seat belt, I'm fine! Traffic was tied up for quite some time as rescue vehicles and tow trucks came. Don't know exactly what the status of my car will be---but, right now I am just so very thankful to be okay. I have never been involved in anything like this before and I have to admit that it has kind of shaken me up a bit. Even though I was not at fault in this accident, I believe that I will probably drive with more caution than before and truly "watch out for the other guy."
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Beth said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you... So glad you're OK. Rest up!

JJB said...

you're experience has had me on edge all night. i love you. and am so glad that you're okay!!

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