Friday, May 22, 2009

Time For A Trim

Summer is here and it was time for Emmi to get a trim. I decided to try a DIY grooming for her tonight. As the pile of fur grew, it looked like a little sheep was getting sheared, and I think there was almost as much fur stuck to my jeans. Doing it yourself definitely gives you a new appreciation for a groomer's job. Emmi is rarely still--especially if a brush or scissors are nearby, so I had a moving target most of the time. I don't dare trim very close to her eyes, saving that job for an expert, so she still has long fur to collect those "tear stains", but I think she must feel much better with her new "do".Seeing her closeup in this picture, makes me realize I have some touch-up work to do tomorrow. And goodness, Emmi, I think you need braces!
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