Saturday, June 2, 2012

Walk This Way

Last summer, I began preparing to lay a brick pathway in the back yard.   I carefully dug out dirt, lay landscape fabric and then  spread crushed rock and paver sand.   My plans were to lay the bricks when I returned from our family vacation to Yosemite.  Well, needless to say, that never happened.  Ever since (for the last 11 months), it has been left incomplete, with weeds sprouting up all over the place and the once level area, quickly changed into a yucky, overgrown mess.

 But, that's all changing!  Last week, I ordered 1,000 paver bricks ---that's right, 1000!--and a bunch of sand.  Gina's husband, David, has set to work creating a new brick pathway beside the deck on his days off.

I decided to enlarge the original vision since that area is such an awkward shape. Here's where we are right now--a huge improvement already!!  The next step is to wrap it around the deck and then I'll add a flowerbed on the other side.

While David worked on the pathway, I worked on my herb garden, adding some cilantro, tomato plants and more basil.


As I moved some old paver stones to create a little bird bath, I found this little guy underneath. I think that I scared him so badly that he played "possum" while I took a picture.

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