Monday, June 4, 2012

Celebrating Joy

Today we celebrated Joy.  

After MANY years in the school system, my good friend and coworker is retiring, so our department threw a little party for her.

I designed the invitations and then prepared a great photo book for the guests to sign as they arrived.  Unfortunately, FedEx (NOT my favorite company right now) lost the book.   They claim to have left it on my front porch, but it obviously was not left here, so I spent much of the day Friday and Saturday trying to track it down.  By Saturday afternoon, it became clear that I needed to develop a "Plan B".  I sent all the photos to be developed, shopped for a few supplies and then spent last night assembling a book with Danette.  The final product was pretty great and Joy really loved it, but I am still hoping to at least get reimbursed for the missing book.

In between pictures and scrapbook paper, I managed to put together my food for the party, too.

I used a recipe that I'd sampled at a recent Pampered Chef party---Quesadilla Bites with Nectarine Salsa.

It is an easy recipe, although a little time-consuming when you quadruple the measurements.   But they turned out nicely and were quite yummy.

We had lots of other great food, too.

There were tons of people that came to honor Joy and it was really fun to visit with some people that I had not seen in a very long time.

We even managed to get a photo of the group that used to teach  together at Caddo Exceptional School.

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ggerdes said...

Linda the pictures in this post seem to reflect your photography course. While I know NOTHING about photography, the lighting and focus of the pictures just seems to have that professional touch! Your blog is great to read and a fun way to catch up/keep posted on your life!

ggerdes said...

The pictures definitely show progress with your photography class. The color and focus in each one seem to have the professional touch! Your blog is so much fun to read and a great way to keep up with all your fun!

JJB said...

I was astounded by your photos on Facebook this morning!! You're doing awesome with this photography thing!!

Also, Rob will be really jealous of your nectarine salsa... for months he has been bugging me about buying nectarines at the grocery, but they're just not available here yet. Maybe when I go today...

Boo on FedEx!! I know that you're alternative book was probably just as dandy.

And... just three days 'til I get to see you! Woohoo!!

Stevie said...

Wow! You're like a Martha Stewart!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're like a Martha Stewart but better!

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