Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project One and a Trip to NC

Friday morning, Jana and I ran a few errands around town and had lunch in Spartanburg. Being the good Louisiana girl that she is, she ordered a bowl of red beans and rice.

Afterwards, we hit the road. It wasn't long until we saw the giant peach of Abbott Farms, a landmark for me letting me know that we were approaching the North Carolina state line.

Once we arrived in Gastonia, we immediately spotted Mary Jo's Cloth Store just off the interstate. Mary Jo's is a local landmark that we'd read about on several different blogs (like here )  and magazines. The building was definitely non-descript,

but inside I discovered 32,000 square feet of my personal version  of heaven!

We spent at least 2 hours there, looking for just the right fabrics to make new curtains for Jana's living room.

But we found it and yesterday morning, we cut them out

and whipped them up.

We can't wait until Rob gets a chance to hang the curtain rod, but here's a sneak peak:

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ggerdes said...

You don't stop to rest! Can't wait to see what else you "whip" up during your visit.

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