Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clean Color

Throughout Karen Russell's photography class that I just completed (Snapshots of a Good Life), she often referred to the "Clean Color" process of editing photos.   During the course, I really tried to concentrate on getting better shots straight out of the camera and waited until the class was over to really take a good look at Erin Cobb's technique.  When it went on sale last weekend, I decided to take the plunge and purchase it.   Jana and I spent my last evening in Spartanburg poring over the video until WAY too late in the night.

Since I've gotten home, I have started playing with it a bit more, trying to refine the process to fit my style (not sure if I really have a "style" yet, but that's the only word that fit there).  Here's a great example of the difference this process can make.   I took some pictures that were pretty good without editing, but this was not one of them.  While I loved Jana's smile and the background, the colors, white balance and exposure were really off in this one.  In fact, it made her usually clear, fair complexion look quite blotchy.   I think the pictures speak for themselves---see what you think!

The before picture:

The picture edited with my old method--- slightly better, but still not right:

AFTER using Erin Cobb's Clean Color process:

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER side-by-side:

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Teresa said...

I got caught up on quite a few of your blog posts today and enjoyed them them all. I'm not sure about the editing on this blog, however. It might be more washed out with less personality showing. TERESA

Teresa said...

Note: I was comparing pic 2 with pic 3, not the side-by-side comparison.

Linda said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Teresa. I tend to prefer things a bit lighter in general than some people, but the blog makes them look even paler than the actual shot. I over-exposed some photos on one of the other posts for sure, but the coloring on this picture of Jana is now MUCH more accurate than the first attempt. I am still working on the right editing formula for myself and appreciate other's thoughts about them.

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