Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Craftiness for the Wall

***Spoiler Alert for Valine:    If you don't want to see what I made for you, don't read any further!!

While I was deep into the crafty mood yesterday, I decided to make a canvas for Valine, too.  I know that she has been wanting a piece of art that is "Subway style", so I found a quote I liked and went to work.    First I cut out the lettering from vinyl with my Cricut, using Cricut Craft Room (a new free program for Cricut owners that allows you to use your computer to arrange and manipulate images for cutting).   Previously, this could only be done using the Design Studio, which was costly, but Cricut Classroom is free and works really well.    

After applying the vinyl to the canvas, I painted the entire thing and peeled off the letters after it was dry.

Using a diluted bit of brown acrylic paint, I wiped it over the entire piece, using a vertical stroke.

Once that was dry, I gave it a coat of Mod Podge to protect the surface.  )Don't worry, this time I made sure to use the Matte version).

I think it turned out pretty great!! Hope she likes it, too.

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