Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Fifty-Seven!

I have 3 older brothers, the youngest of which is Dan.  He was born in 1957 and today he is 57 years old!!  Ron and I drove down to Cheneyville yesterday to help him celebrate his birthday.  He chose to go to Pizza Hut for lunch, where he opened a few small gifts while waiting for the pizza.

He loved the Birthday card.

After lunch, we stopped to pick up a few extra goodies to take back and then headed to the Chicot State Park.   I've often seen the exit off of the interstate, but never stopped to visit.  We explored a little bit first and found some wonderful cabins that we hope to return to at some point.
Dan loves dogs, so we brought Joy with us for him to meet.

We found the trail that goes around the lake and set out on a short hike.  

She's getting much better at walking on the leash.

The lake at Chicot State Park looks exactly the way a Louisiana lake is supposed to look---lots of large cypress trees covered with Spanish moss.

I took this picture with my phone right before it died---turned out pretty well!

The day was warm and the trail was a little muddy, but we had a good time walking through the woods.

Some feet got muddier than others.

We even saw this critter scurrying through the leaves.

We headed back to Dan's home just about the time the rest of the guys were finishing up dinner, so it was a great time to have cake.   Dan had requested (at the last minute) a "white cake with blue and white icing".

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday"

and then it was time to blow out the candles.


Let's try that again.

One more time perhaps?

Well, perhaps blowing out candles gets harder the older we get?  Or perhaps those were trick candles!
Happy Birthday, Dan!!

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