Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Real Dinner

It seems that lately, things have been so busy that I've not taken the time to stop and cook a real dinner.  I have thrown together bits and pieces of food to feed us, but this week I actually cooked (at least one night I did).

I used the recipe for Hummus Chicken that I found on Pinterest recently.  

In addition to chicken, we had side dishes of baked potato, green beans "a la Jana",

and fresh fruit (left from the shower).

It took a good bit longer to cook these thick chicken breasts thoroughly than it called for in the recipe, so I ended up zapping them in the microwave for the last few minutes, which kept them from getting crispy.  Even though they weren't crispy on the outside, they were quite yummy.  Next time I'll allow more time in the oven to achieve that texture.

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