Monday, March 24, 2014

Gardening 101

I have a board on Pinterest where I've been pinning all sorts of gardening hints---for vegetables, herbs and flowerbeds.  Gardening doesn't come naturally to me, so I've been trying to study about the best things to plant for my area of the country as well as the hows and whens.

Last summer, Ron built me the best raised garden bed, but I never got a chance to plant anything in it.   I'm hoping to develop a slightly green thumb this year and this website helped me make a plan for planting.  It is especially helpful for square foot gardening, although I am using 6" squares rather than 12", because it just fits my area better.  This is my first attempt at garden planning--some of those green beans in the back are actually going to be purple hull peas, but they don't have an icon for that.
This morning, I headed outside after Ron went to work----LOVE my Spring Break!!!  

Despite the dogs running through the garden off and on and pulling on the string if I laid it down for a minute, I was able to get the garden sectioned off.

Stay tuned for adventures in planting----and protection from pups!

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