Friday, March 14, 2014

Washi Tape Party Skewers

I am helping to host a bridal shower this weekend and part of my responsibilities is to bring the fruit.  We decided on using both fruit skewers and a bowl of fruit as well.  To dress up the skewers a bit, I pulled out my stash of washi tape (several of which I picked up at Dollar Tree), a pen, scissors and a pack of bamboo skewers.

First, I marked the skewers at the length I wanted them to be.  The skewers were all different lengths to begin with--I didn't worry about that, although it would have been easy to even them all up, I suppose.

I scored them with some old scissors and then broke them at the markings.

Lay the tip of the skewer on the washi tape

then wrap it around and seal it shut.

Using the scissors, I snipped a small "v" in the end of the tape creating a little flag shape.

As an added bonus, the tiniest little ladybug you ever did see visited me while I was working on these out on the deck.  Doesn't that mean good luck??

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