Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Great Squirrel Rescue

Shortly after I arrived home this afternoon, there was a knock at my door.  Anna, who sometimes checks on Joy and lets her out during the day, was there to tell me that she had rescued a baby squirrel that Emmi had cornered this morning.  She showed me a picture she'd taken on her phone and told me that she had moved the squirrel to front yard.

The weather was so nice, that after changing into my running clothes, I chose to sit out on the deck instead of running.  Just after Ron got home, I went around to the side of the house and found this tiny little guy.

He was back inside the gate and terrified!

And Emmi REALLY wanted to get that little furry thing!

I held Emmi at bay (Joy could have cared less) while Ron attempted to catch the squirrel and place him in a hanging pot I have, hoping that he would stay there out of the reach of the dogs, at least until they were indoors again.  (I have NO idea how Anna moved him as he tried to bite us any time we got very close).

He finally clung to a stick long enough to get him situated in the pot.

While he seemed content at first
. . . he soon tried to climb out and fell to the ground again.

After rescuing him from the ground several times, we added some more leaves to the pot along with a small cup of water----and he stayed.

One final check before we went to bed, and we found the baby curled up cozily in the pot, hanging from the fence.   Not sure what we'll do with him if he's still there tomorrow, but I guess we'll face that then.
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