Wednesday, March 12, 2014

With Spring on its way, you can see the signs popping out everywhere.

Yesterday was the day, once a month, that our church serves food at Hope Connections.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor dinner.  They are in their new building now---an amazing improvement over their previous, cramped location.   Here, there is room for coordinated assessment and services from a variety of agencies working with the homeless population.  

Our role is easy---serve dinner once a month.   For the first year or so that we did this, we brought sack lunches filled with sandwiches and other foods that are easily eaten "on the street"and passed them out to the clients.  As we saw familiar faces month after month, we began to get to know some of the clients, but there was nowhere to sit and eat, so most just took the sacks and went back on their way.

About a year ago, one of our new church members came to serve and decided that we needed to provide a good hot meal.  And with that, he purchased a nice grill and "the trimmings" and on the second Tuesday of the month, Don cooks up a wonderful, tasty meal, while others provide the extras.

There is no overt "sermon" or formal religious service, but we do share a blessing together and a love for each other, simply because we are called to care for those in need.

With the new facility, there is even room for everyone to sit down and enjoy the meal (both indoors and out).  Not only does this provide a bit more dignity to the occasion, but with the beautiful weather we have had the last few days, it was just downright enjoyable.

I haven't been in a while due to the busyness of my schedule, but yesterday I was reminded of how much I enjoy this and I have a new resolve to put this ahead of some of the other things that "keep me busy".    Knowing how Don and other friends love this avenue of ministry, and once again feeling that stirring within me seemed to coincide perfectly with the quote that I ran across this week.
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