Saturday, July 31, 2010

Extreme Youth Room Makeover

So what kinds of projects did Jana and I do while she was visiting? (so glad you asked) Well, we started the week working on a new duvet cover for her bed. Months ago, she'd spied one that she really loved--but being a designer style, it was waaaayyyy out her price range. After searching in vain for a suitable fabric in Atlanta, we happened upon the perfect one at my local Joann's!

After lots and lots of doodling and measuring and calculating and doodling some more, we finally cut into the fabric and started sewing.

Jana ironed while I sewed and
despite a last minute trip to the store to purchase 12 more inches of gold fabric (yes we really did mis-measure after all that), the end-product looked great. As soon as she gets home and stretches it out on her bed, she'll post a picture.
*****The picture is now posted over at Dancing Commas.

Next up was the decorating project up at Callie's church. Our main focus was to b
e the senior high Sunday School classroom, which was filled with four very old hand-me-down couches and lots of "stuff". We found our basic color palette in a strip of wall that was painted teal and a couple of eggplant-colored floor pillows.

Jana and I shopped for fabric and then set to work sewing.
(Emmi could always be found sitting on the fabric as I sewed)

While browsing for a coffee table, Jana and I happened upon a great alternative---these inexpensive parson's tables in great
colors at Target. (This looks really pink, but they are more of a eggplant color) We made a quick call to Callie to check with her and then loaded 2 purple and 2 teal ones into our cart.
We made muslin curtains to hide storage shelves, turned youth group t-shirts into pillows and cut colorful fleece throws to snuggle up in. Jana had the wonderful idea of using a fabric drape behind the altar area and that turned out to be my favorite part of the room!

After moving out a couple of the couches, rearranging the remaining ones the end product looked pretty great!

There are still slip-covers to be bought and a few other finishing touches, but I think the kids will be excited by the changes. We bought supplies for the Middle School classroom, too, so I'll work on that next.

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JJB said...

I'm pretty impressed with that makeover myself.

Look for a bedspread update shortly!

JJB said...

See the bedspread in action here:

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