Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby Block

After two visits to the dentist this week and several more scheduled (ugh!), I left with a couple of prescriptions and the feeling that I was helping to finance their new office building. Thank goodness for my summer job---while not nearly as much fun as a vacation or remodeling project, at least I won't have to dive too deep into my savings.

With frugality fresh on my mind--at least for a few days--I started looking for some creative inspiration. This weekend, I'm invited to a baptism and have been trying to come up with a great gift---one that is special, but preferably doesn't involve too much $$. Searching through my favorite blogs, I found lots of neat ideas and finally settled on one. Inspired by this Anna Maria Horner creation and input from Jana, I gathered a few fun, but not too girly fabric scraps,

Appliqued some letters onto 6 inch squares,

Added a couple of special panels,

Inserted some jingle bells,

and came up with this---

---a sweet remembrance for a special baby boy. Remember your baptism, little Will.
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