Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Raining Men!

One of my very best friends from childhood came into town with her family this past week. They live in Virginia now, but still have family here, so I'm lucky enough to still get to see her from time to time. We ate dinner together mid-week and then at the end of the week, I got a call from her saying that their accommodations (a cabin on the lake which belonged to another friend) had to be vacated and they needed a place to stay for a couple of nights. My house is not very large, but we figured we could make it work, so they joined me for the weekend, along with a friend of theirs.

(She's going to kill me for posting this picture, I'm sure)

With a bit more time, I'm sure I would have gotten the dust wiped up and the piles of "stuff" picked up (or maybe not), but they didn't seem to mind too much. It was a challenge to find a place for everyone to sleep---they are a TALL family and my daybeds with trundles simply don't fit them very well--but we got it figured out. In the bedrooms,

in the office, on the couch (very low light pic)

---there were boys everywhere!

I even managed to pull a breakfast together out of the meager provisions in my frig! (fortunately, they were meeting friends for brunch this morning---there was only enough stuff for one meal!)

I am so glad that I got to spend more time with Kathy though, and especially her boys!

They are great kids and I don't get to see them nearly enough!

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jabblog said...

Unexpected visits are often the greatest fun.

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