Tuesday, August 31, 2010


With a long holiday weekend ahead, Jana, Callie and I decided it was the perfect time to spend some quality time together---just us girls! Early in the summer, we began planning. We wanted to find a spot where we could do "girl stuff". We all enjoy hiking and outdoors things like that, but we can do those things when their husbands are with us. For this trip, we wanted to do things that they wouldn't normally enjoy as much---museums, art galleries, etc. So, the location we settled on was Charleston, SC.. None of us have ever spent any time there and it is a beautiful southern city with lots to see and do.

Only, we didn't count on a hurricane. And there's one heading that direction now--the huge category 4 Hurricane Earl. Callie and I have tickets to fly out there on Thursday night, which is just about when it is supposed to hit the East Coast. Now, it is scheduled to hit further up the coast, closer to North Carolina. But, I'm from Louisiana---I know a little about hurricanes! They are often unpredictable. At the very least, I think that we can count on some really rainy weather and not nearly as many walking tours around Charleston. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the entire East Coast dodges the bullet and hoping that we don't end up stranded in an airport somewhere.

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jabblog said...

What a shame if the hurricane does affect your long-planned trip. Fingers crossed!

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