Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bird On A Wire

It's no secret how much I love birds. Each morning, I enjoying standing at the sink preparing my breakfast as I watch a hummingbird or two come to the feeder hung by my window. I love these little guys! But, by the time I am able to get my camera, they are always gone.

But, this morning, my camera happened to be sitting on the kitchen counter and I quickly grabbed it before this little hummingbird flitted off with a friend.

After church this afternoon, I went outside to gather some ivy for Vickie when I noticed a couple of busy guys in my flowerbed. Since capturing them with my camera seemed to be impossible, I paused to focus on the Turk's Cap that the hummers love so much.

After sipping some nectar, the little bird flew away and rested for a moment on the telephone line before flying off.

Shortly after, a large mockingbird arrived and watched as I continued to take photos.

Then, just for an instant, the hummer returned.

Not just one, but two birds on a wire!

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jabblog said...

Wonderful - any of those shots would have pleased me enormously :-)

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