Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In My Own Hand

Just for fun, I decided to make my own font. After checking out several different sites and the forms included, etc., I decided to go with I printed out two templates and did one with cursive and the other with print. You can preview your font before you purchase which allowed me to see that the cursive one looked completely ridiculous! I also used the "normalizing" feature that they offer and really liked the results. Here is a sample---does it look like my own??

Of course it would be really nice if I would proofread what I write before I print it! :-)
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jabblog said...

Oh yes, very nice! Almost like Nelson print but with more character.

JJB said...

i had almost given this to you as a gift before...but wasn't quite sure how to present it. i always thought it would be something you like. :)

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