Thursday, August 12, 2010

Passing The Torch

While I'm still a few years from retiring, it seems clear that I won't be going back to a self-contained classroom again. Over the years, I've accumulated quite a collection of teaching supplies---puppets, craft projects, teaching units, worksheets and homemade games. Once I became an itinerant teacher, I brought most of my supplies home. Since I travel from school to school, my car has become my classroom and I have gathered favorite games and activities that are portable and effective with my kids.

The boxes containing my teaching units have since been stored in my bedroom closet and are rarely used. I've known it was time to get rid of them, but I just couldn't bare to pass them to just "anyone" or worse--just thrown them away. So, when my friend Gwenn's daughter recently graduated with a early education degree, I decided to ask her if she was interested in any of it. She seemed to be tickled with the opportunity, so, this week, I helped Caitlin load 9 boxes of goodies into her car and sent her on her way to her first teaching job. Next week, we'll tackle the boxes in storage.

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