Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gator Bites

Later this week, I am looking forward to driving down to Baton Rouge for the semi-annual Camp Crop-A-Lot . (If you're one of my table partners, and want to be surprised with my treat, don't read any further.)

One of our traditions is to bring some sort of goodie-bag or treat for each of the scrapbookers sharing our table. At the last retreat, I made clips, pens and scarves for each person and Valine made the "oops" pockets (which are really handy to have!!).

Since the decision to come to the retreat this summer is kind of a last minute decision, I haven't even thought about what I'd bring, so I asked my very creative daughter for some ideas. The theme this time is "Cajun Croppin".

Jana sent me several links to ideas, including this one from Family Fun.

So cute, but my Dollar Tree didn't have the right kind of scrub sponges----the ones they had were a very odd color of turquoise. But, they did have some cute little green lidded bowls. So, I adapted the design to make these:

A little strange-looking, but hopefully they can tell that they're supposed to be alligators.

I'm planning to make some yummy trail mix to fill them!

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jabblog said...

They are very cute and remind me of a computer game that's very simple and sometimes addictive!

debbie said...

You are simply too creative!!! I love them and they will too!

JJB said...

Talk about a toothy grin!!! I love them, even mire than the sponge gators---I was a little unsure about them, even when I suggested them. And, you can never go wrong with a yummy snack. Makes me wish I could go with you, and not just because my other option is sharing a hotel room with my inlaws. Someday...

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