Monday, July 19, 2010

A Week In The Life

Back in April, I participated in the Week In the Life scrapbook project that Ali Edwards hosted. It turned out to be the very busiest week of the entire school year, so I found that I wasn't able to completely record things as I'd hoped to do. But, nevertheless, I decided to put it all together into a scrapbook this past weekend.

Valine also participated in the challenge and worked on her scrapbook this weekend, too.

(obviously Strudel liked the book alot!!)

Since we don't see each other that often, this was the first chance we'd had to "compare notes" and compare how and what we recorded. Here are a few of Valine's layouts:

I love how she took pictures of the bags she took to school each day---purses, book bags, etc. --since they really tell a story about what she's doing each day.
And, Valine took a photo of a headline depicting news of the Gulf Oil Spill, never dreaming that it would become such a disaster news event.
Here are a few pages from my scrapbook:

We are both so glad that we did this challenge and plan to do it again later this year---perhaps a different season since that one was in the spring. Having completed one book, I have some ideas about how to better document things that happen and things to collect. We're thinking of doing the next one sometime in October---Wanna' want to join us?

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JJB said...

i can't wait to see it in real life!! maybe i can get my head on straight before october to join you next time!

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