Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sewing for Baby D

Baby D is about to start school.  Well, Mother's Day Out, that is.  And because he is almost walking, he has moved up with the young toddlers!   That means, no more baby bed at school, but instead, he needs a Nap Mat.  Nap Mats are found all over the internet, but they are not cheap!


They start at about $40 and go up from that.  With just a quick search of the web, I saw several for $175!  Seriously?!?!?

I assured Callie that I could whip one up with cute fabric that would be much more affordable.  I found cute fabric and a tutorial online here.
This week, I set to work.    The tutorial was great---very detailed with lots of pictures to show how it was to be done.  But, let's just say things didn't go very smoothly for me.   I think the problems started when I decided to go out on my own rather than follow the instructions explicitly.  Or maybe it was because I decided to make it "extra-cushy" for baby D and added too much batting.   Whatever the cause, this was the result: 
Yep, I broke about 8 needles sewing this thing together.  Actually, sewing it together wasn't the hard part--that went fairly smoothly.  Then I turned it right side out.
See those nice lines of quilting.  Straight lines, you say.  Easy, you say.   Nope!!
The first time, I got the webbing handles caught up in the stitching and had to rip it out (and replace the needle).
The other times were just caused by being too thick.
I ended up turning it back inside out, cutting out the extra layers of batting, then re-sewing the edges so that I could trim off the bulky seam from before.  Amazing what the right amount of batting will do for a project!
Let's just say:  "I now know why those nap mats are so expensive!!"   I have enough to make one for baby B, even thought he is not quite ready for one.  But, I think I'd better go ahead and do it now or I will never want to tackle the project again.  And this time, I'll follow the directions!!!

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