Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 4 - Passions

What am I passionate about?  Well, here are my top four:

1.  My family--- For the longest time, it was just me and my daughters and we became the epitome of "Steel Magnolias" together.  We made it through some tough, tough times together and there really is nothing in the world that I would not do for them.  Now, there are a bunch more boys in the picture as well (after all, I have 3 brothers already):   son-in-laws, baby boys and a husband.  Not to mention that I also now have 2 step-sons, a step-daughter + more grandchildren!  I love them all so much and enjoy being with them more than anyone else.

2.  Embracing differences and treating others fairly--- I grew up in a household that stressed being open-minded enough to respect the point of view of others and I hope that I have passed that on to my own children.  Perhaps it was because one of my brothers has special needs and my parents were his greatest advocate and they could see so much more potential in him than the rest of the world could see.  Or maybe it was because both of them were from the "north" and were now living in a very conservative "south".  They were determined that we look beyond a person's obvious differences (skin color,  learning abilities, religious beliefs, political views, etc.) to see their heart.  One of my mother's favorite quotes was:  "If the world was filled with people that were just like we are, how boring the world would be!" By the same token, I think that this is the area I get the most frustrated with in other people---when they seem to be so close-minded that they can't appreciate others' points of view.

and this brings me to my number 3 . . .

3.  Serving others--- The world, and particularly the western hemisphere, is spectacularly unfair when it comes to the opportunities afforded to people, and life simply is not fair to everyone.  While it is sometimes hard to do so without judgement, I feel that I am called to serve the poor,  the widowed, the orphaned and the "least of these" in whatever ways I am able.  It is often a messy calling--one that is sometimes "thankless" in traditional terms, but what God has called me to do.   What He has actually called every one of His children to do.   And you know something?  I've discovered that as I get to know someone and develop a relationship with them---beyond their physical appearance or socio-economic situation--it is easy to find a common bond that we share and to see how we are generally much more alike than different.   After all, we are all made in His image.

4.  Creativity--- Creativity unleashes a freedom in me that is sometimes hard to find in any other place in my life  For an introvert that lacks confidence in so many other areas of my life (please, please don't put me in a room of strangers--or even acquaintances in some cases--and ask me to make small talk), being able to create something beautiful from nothing--whether it be through sewing, crafts, scrapbooking or photography---releases a confidence and a way to express myself that I can't find anywhere else.  Too bad that creativity doesn't extend to cooking.  ;-)

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Andrea Bobb said...

Love your mother's quote! And I'm right there with you on number four, although I do a little cooking lol

Teresa Hardymon said...

Your heart shines through in your passions. I really enjoyed getting to know more about you through the things you hold dear. I totally get #4.

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