Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 28 - Typical Day

My typical day is beginning quite early these days---generally about 4:30 a.m.  I always his "snooze" one time, but then make myself climb out of bed when it goes off again.  Once I get up, I'm good to go, but getting up certainly is difficult some days.

After slipping on some workout clothes, I head to Camp Gladiator for a full hour of high intensity boot camp.   I come home drenched in sweat, with the sun just beginning to rise, and energized for the day.
After a shower and breakfast, I'm ready to head to work.  Being an itinerant teacher means that my schedule is not the same every day.  Each day is slightly different, so I try to be sure that I check my calendar each morning for the possible conference on change in schedule that might come up.
I usually have lunch at my office, while catching up on my emails.  This year, I am trying very hard to bring my lunch to work each day rather than resorting to fast food or picking up something at a convenience store.  So far, so good.  Fridays are the exception---on Fridays, a couple of us generally try to meet for a quick, healthy lunch at Jason's Deli, Panera or some place like that.
After school, I sometimes have enough time to run to the grocery store, post office or other errand before heading home and switching gears.  Some days, I pick up baby D from Mother's Day Out and always love bringing him home with me.  Lately, we have been playing outside on the grass, practice his walking or play with the dogs until Callie picks him up.
Ron gets home an hour or more after me and we spend a few minutes chatting about day and reading the mail. Sometimes, I have a meeting at the church or a project to work on, but generally I fix dinner and we eat in front of the TV---I want to return to eating at the table, but it's just so easy to eat on the couch.  Lately, I have been cooking more, but at least once a week, we go out for an evening run---usually to practice on hills---and we eat out on those nights.
Both of us are tech addicts, so we almost always spend the evenings perusing the internet while we watch tv.   Because the morning comes so early for me these days, I have been going to be bed VERY early . . . or at least, I begin getting ready for bed early.  There are always some distractions and it takes me a little while to wind down and finally fall asleep, but my clothes and shoes are ready and waiting for me to jump into the next morning.
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