Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 16 - The Online Me

Today's prompt in the Blog-tember Challenge (can you believe that I have posted 16 days in a row!!! and twice on a couple of days!!)  asks the question, "The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different?"  Hmmmm. . . . I guess I have never really thought that much about it.  But, I think that for the most part, we are the same.  I started this blog for purely personal reasons---a way to document things that are happening in my life, with the people I love most.   I don't have huge following, so I think that most of the people that read my blog already know me.  

For those of you that don't, it's no secret to any of the people that know me best that I don't like to cook much (although that has changed some in recent years) and I love to make a mess with anything creative, but really don't like having to take time to clean it up.    The only thing that I think is probably different is the way my home is portrayed online vs. what it looks like in real life.   When I complete some new home improvement project, I take photos of it, and of course, try to capture it in the most flattering of ways.  But, in real life, there often is a lot going on "behind the scenes".   For example, you rarely see my coffee table in any photos because it most often looks something like this.
And the gallery wall that I completed over my couch??
Well, when you zoom out, it looks something like this right now.
The pretty headboard that Ron made for us and I painted?
Well, it looks like this right now.
The newly remodeled bathroom?
Well, it often serves as a place to hang all of our wet running clothes after they are laundered.
Sometimes, one of my friends will comment that they don't know how I have time for all the projects that I complete.  Well, I guess when you take a look at the house, it becomes pretty clear that I've made the choice to create rather than to clean.

So, now you know the REAL me.  Excuse me while I go make my bed and hang up some clothes.
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