Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 14 - Books

Over the last few years, I really have not been much of a reader at all.  I still enjoy reading, it's just that I like sewing and crafting more most of the time.  When I do find time to read, I have to be really careful, because if I begin a book that I really enjoy, I have little self-control and will stay up until all hours of the night to finish it.  That doesn't work very well during the school year when I need to get up early and be on my "best game" for little ones.

Most of my reading these days takes place while I'm traveling.  Being on an airplane gives me uninterrupted time to delve into a book and not be disturbed by laundry, or other activities that are vying for my attention.  Much of my reading material is light and just for fun, but occasionally, I find a really great book that truly impacts my life.   Here are a few of those books:
1.  The Secret Garden -  My mother gave me this book when I was a little girl.  It was a little bit too difficult for me at the time, but she was so anxious for me to read it.  When I did reach the age that I could read it alone, I was drawn into that world and loved the book!
2.  Same Kind Of Different As Me - I read this book several years ago at a time when I was rediscovering my love for serving others.  This book really spoke to me, both for its story and for the inspiration it gave me.  I even had a chance to hear the author share the story personally, which was really great.
3.  Interrupted - I've written about this book several times lately.  It was the first book of Jen Hatmaker's that I'd ever ready and I felt that it gave voice to many thoughts in my head.  I loved every bit of it and longed for more
4.  For The Love - This is my most recent read, and one impacted my life in ways that I didn't really expect.  I will write a whole blog post about that in the next few days, as I am able to articulate my thoughts better.
5.  The Bible - While I would like to say that I have read it from cover to cover and that my Bible is highlighted and marked up from over-use, that would just not be true at all.  I would like to say that I get up every day and have quiet time with my Bible and ponder significant verses.  But that also would not be true.  What I can say is that some of my greatest inspiration has come from several key verses that were shared with me at times that I needed them most and they have continued to provide comfort ever since.  Over the years, every time I share a Bible story with the students in my Sunday School class (I teach a class for special needs adults), I learn something new myself.  Throughout the seasons of my life, the Bible has always been there, waiting for me to open it. Without fail, it either supplies what I need for that particular moment or give me a nugget to tuck away in my heart until the right time arrives.

I have a list of other books that I want to read, but I'd love to know some of your favorites, as well.  Any suggestions?
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