Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 8 - My Favorite Season

A whole week has passed, and I made it through the first week of Blog-tember, and even blogged each and every day!   That hasn't happened in a very long time.

Today's prompt asks about my favorite season.   This is an easy question for me---Fall.  I love fall!!   While the calendar should be heralding the fall season any day now, around here, it remains summer-like for quite some time. Mentally, I am ready to put away the sleeveless shirts and shorts, but realistically, it will still be another month or so before they can be switched out for lightweight cardigans and long pants.

I love the way the world changes in the fall---the colors of the leaves
and the wind that sends the leaves fluttering to the ground.
You already know that some of my favorite fashion accessories include scarves and boots, and Fall means I can pull those to the front of my closet.

Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking (not to mention necessities like yard work) are lots more fun when the air is crisp and cool.  One of my favorite sounds is that of leaves crunching under my feet.
And let's face it, it just doesn't get much better than a campfire!

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