Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 6 - My Style

Hmmm, what indeed is my style?  I mean, I do have some things that I feel more comfortable wearing than other things, but I certainly have never considered myself stylish in any way.  That being said, I guess the best way to categorize my "fashion style" would be easy, comfortable, casual.

On weekends and in the summer, I mostly live in shorts, jeans or workout clothes--barefoot, unless I have to go somewhere.   In fact, today, I am most likely hanging out with Ron and the family in shorts and a t-shirt, and a good pair of tennis shoes or flip-flops.

I sometimes long to look casual, yet pulled together, and have even earmarked a few cute coordinating outfits.  You know, something like this:
 or this:

or even this:
Why is it that I feel like I come off looking a bit more like this instead?

Here in the deep south, even though all those Polivore boards show airy summer scarves, it just isn't realistic until the temperatures have dropped considerably.  But, with fall just around the corner, I am beginning to look forward to scarves and boots again.   I imagine that you've see the scarf "how-to" photos and videos online.

I love scarves, and these tutorials make it look easy enough, but I just can't always seem to get the hang of it.  I'm always afraid that I might end up looking a bit more like this after twisting and tying a bit.
On a daily basis, I wear slacks that are comfortable and durable---I teach preschool, after all.  I need to be able to get on the floor and not worry about sticky fingers or paint splashes.   I shop for bargains, and generally reserve my "nicer pants" and dresses for dressier occasions.

After a few years of trying to wear stylish heels, strappy sandals or high wedges, I finally came to the conclusion that it just wasn't worth it to me.  While I love cute shoes, they generally have to have low heels and be very comfortable to get my vote of approval.  I like to wear boots in the cooler seasons and I also have several pairs of Toms shoes that I can wear year round. I love not only the way they feel, but their "one for one" business model.

So there you have it.  My fashion style---very casual and comfortable.  Pretty much the way I live my life.
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Meri Kate said...

You have some cute looks!

Leah Van Ert said...

My style is based on comfortable and casual too, so you're not alone! I pretty much wear a variation on the same thing over and over again. ;)

Abbey Noelle said...

Oh so cute! I adore scarves. :)

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