Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 29 - Blog Topics

After posting every. single. day. in September, I can't just drop the ball now.  While I can't guarantee daily posts, I do hope to get at least 10 posts up and running during the month of October.  Maybe more, who knows.   So what will those posts be about?   Most likely you'll see some of these:

1.  October Instagram Challenge will be posted - While I feel like I am running out of new, original ideas, I find that having a prompt helps me to remember to take a photo every day and I really like that.  Plus, I really enjoy seeing what others who are playing are doing!
This is the one from last year:
2.  A fun trip - There's not much better than a trip with your best buddy, and I have one planned very soon.  I can hardly wait!!!
3.  My healthy lifestyle journey - I've been working for the last few months are getting healthy and staying that way.  It's time to share how it's going.
4.  A huge event that I am in charge of at church - I'll be a nervous wreck that week before, hoping that everything goes smoothly and that the event is a success.  Looking forward to having it behind me!

5.  Halloween costumes - What's an October without a Halloween costume post?!?!   This year, I am making costumes for at least 4/5 grandchildren.  The selections are constantly changing for at least one of them, so stay tuned to see how they turn out.  (here are the ones from last year)

6.  Art Journaling - I am going to be leading an art journaling class in the next few months, so I really want to dig in on my own.  
7.  A post about my mom - Her birthday is this month and I'd like to do a bit of reflection.

8.  Crafting - I don't have any specific plans for this right now, but, as usual, there are tons of ideas floating around in mind.

9.  Halloween Memories - A few memories from my childhood and perhaps more recently, as well.
10.  Project 52 Update - While I haven't been posting lately about this project, I have still been taking photos each week.  Hoping to post an update during the month of October.

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Stefanie Galvin said...

Fantastic blog topics - I really love the ideas of an art journaling post and a crafting one. I craft all the time, but I'm only just starting to get into art journaling, too!

the Noveltea Corner

Andrea Bobb said...

Great list of ideas. Sounds like you have quite the month coming up, full of fun and interesting things!

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