Monday, July 15, 2013

Swim Lessons

Saturday morning, Ron and I got up early and headed out to  Cypress Lake so that he could attend the Swim Clinic offered by the River Cities Triathlon group.  At his suggestion, I brought Emmi along.

While Ron listened and learned,

Emmi and I wandered about.

We were the only ones at the beach that early, so we picked a prime picnic table and set up our stuff.

Ron swam.

I read a book, and spotted a few bluebirds flitting about. (I love bluebirds)!!

Emmi and I sat, enjoying the picnic spot, which was gradually becoming more crowded with families.

Later, after lunch, we decided to give Emmi her first swim lesson.  She'd never been in the water before and was not at all sure she liked it as we waded in chest-deep.

But she can swim!

As she frantically swam to each of us and scrambled up as far out of the water as possible, we realized that she might never "love" the water, but at least she would be able to save herself if she fell off a kayak.

Back at home, we were so tired from getting up early and being in the sun all day that we took a nap before going out to eat to celebrate our "dating anniversary" at Oyster Bar and Grille.   WOW!  What a difference a year makes!   Our first "official date" was July 13 of last year and this year we're married! It's been a very good year!

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JJB said...

Swim, Emmi, swim!! What an awesome year this has been!!

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