Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week Re-Cap

Life has been interesting lately---in a good way.   Way too early to make any predictions, but fun never the less.  But, it's also been busy.

I finally started working on these chairs that I saved from Noel's trash a few years back.  I have big plans for them, but it had to start with paint. 

We cooked and served burgers at Hope House Tuesday night---so fun!!

Thursday, I had a quick Burger King bite with Megan before we took her mom to the doctor.

Then, helped serve the meal at the Highland Blessing Dinner--these are the volunteers from Noel:

Unfortunately, this little escapade Saturday evening: (Sorry, Callie, I just realized that I wasn't supposed to post this picture)

turned to this on Sunday afternoon:

but was repaired in time for this:    PERFECT!

This morning, I slept in a little and enjoyed relaxing outdoors with blueberry scones and iPads with Valine.

We have a fun week ahead--there are sure to be a few pictures to follow!   Life is Good!

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JJB said...

Did you get flowers???? And, you added a "dating" label. I love it!!

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