Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's A Wrap!

Quite a while ago (actually kind of embarrassing to admit how long ago), I started to build a Wrapping Station for my laundry room.  I found inspiration all over the internet:

I especially like the last one above, so last summer, with pegboard and burlap in hand, I set to work.

Since this was going to be hanging on the back of my laundry room door, I had to cut out the area that would fit around the door knob (actually, Ron did the cutting for me ).

I knew that I needed some sort of frame around the edges to hold the pegboard away from the door itself, so I made one out of scrap lumber and screwed it to the pegboard.

Then I wrapped the whole thing in burlap and stapled it in place on the back.

And then it sat . . . . .
And sat  . . . . .
And then Jordan hung it on the back of the laundry room door for me.
And it sat some more.  
Until today.
After a run to Big Lot's for curtain rods, I fastened them to the pegboard with the enclosed brackets.

Needing some way to store pens and a hole punch, I decided to use a little twine and a clean tin can and pegboard hooks for the accessories---which were things I already had on hand. I may decorate the can later, but now I kind of like it "as is".

I purchased some laundry bags (3 / pkg) and a package of shower rings at Dollar Tree.  I slipped gift bags in the laundry bag on the left and tissue paper in the one on the right.     

The shower curtain rings were perfect for securing the paper on the roll.  I hung the extra ones on the end of one of the rods, in case I need them later.  (that bottom roll of paper was extra wide, so the rings don't fit it)

I still want to add at least one more rod for paper, and then I'll be done!

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JJB said...

very cool! handy and looks good, too!

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