Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Re-Do

It seems that each year I tackle some sort of Remodeling project, the last few with the help of my friend Jonathan and my son-in-law.   The first major project was the laundry room and then last year, Jordan remodeled my sewing room.  (I just realized that I never posted photos of that finished project--I'll have to do that soon)

This year's project:   to re-do Dan's bedroom/computer room.   A few years back, after my dad passed away, it became necessary to provide a bedroom for Dan at my house, for when he visits from his group home.  On a budget, Jana came over and helped me transform a really yucky space into something that was more livable by purging and rearranging.

Since Ron moved into this house, a lot of his things have not yet found a permanent home and he really doesn't have a space that for his computer, printers, etc.  Besides that, this room regularly becomes the place to "shove junk into and quickly shut the door" when company is on the way.  And then before that mess is cleaned up, another wave of stuff generally joins it.  So when Jordan told us he had a mostly free week that he could use to remodel this room, I jumped at the chance.  After moving everything out, we were left with an ugly, but clean, slate. (here by iPhone panorama)

I ripped off the old wallpaper and he removed the paneling and old wall board.  He also raised the ceiling back up to its original height (never have understood why the previous owner lowered them to begin with, except to hang ugly fluorescent lights).  

I ordered most of the supplies before I left and Jordan set to work while I was out of town.
He covered the walls and ceiling with white beadboard and installed a brand new ceiling fan/light kit.

Because storage is needed very badly in this area, I wanted as many shelves as possible and wanted to give Dan a spot to sit and write (he LOVES to write letters and lists) and for Ron to use his computers.

Jordan is hoping to finish up (for the most part) this evening and then it will be up to Ron and I to paint the walls and stain the desktop.  I'll post an update with this project is completed!
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JJB said...

I don't even recognize that white room... can't wait to see the finished product!!

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